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This New Year why make resolutions you know you won’t keep when you can make THE ONE DECISION that will positively transform your life forever? Have you ever wondered why relatively few people lead truly great lives? The answer: great lives are founded on what author Judith Wright calls The One Decision. In this powerful book, Wright reveals that each of us must make a personal decision about the kind of life we want to live-and allow this simple yet profound choice to become the guiding force for everything we do. Many of us spend years searching for meaning in our lives, exploring numerous paths in our quest for happiness-we change careers, lose weight, take up art, attend seminars, read books, buy bigger houses and fancier cars, or even get rid of it all. Yet, Wright explains, the problem lies not in what we are doing but rather why we are doing it. What, in other words, is our purpose? Drawing on her twenty-five years as an educator and seminar leader, Wright shows us that, while there are many choices we can make in our lives, there is only One Decision. Sure, we can make any number of moves toward bettering our lives-we can quit smoking, start exercising, watch less TV-but the attainment of real life satisfaction will never come from any action or step but rather, requires a fundamental shift in perspective-that will completely transform the fabric of one’s life. For many this decision flows naturally out of a personal tragedy or a “bottoming out” that was only a matter of time. Yet, says Wright, you don’t have to wait for crisis to figure out how you want to live your life. You only need to make a commitment to live according to your true purpose. Culling from her work at the Wright Institute, she relates the common denominators that have led her thousands of students to this crossroads, and offers a thirty-day program for forming our own personal vision. This illuminating book reveals that the key to true happiness is just a decision away.

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