SOUND OF PAPER: Starting From Scratch


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Author: Cameron, Julia
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(q)The bestselling author of The Artist’s Way draws on her many years of personal experience as both a writer and a teacher to uncover the difficult soul work that artists must do to find inspiration. In The Sound of Paper, Julia Cameron delves deep into the heart of the personal struggles that all artists experience. What can we do when we face our keyboard or canvas with nothing but a cold emptiness? How can we begin to carve out our creation when our vision and drive are clouded by life’s uncertainties? In other words, how can we begin the difficult work of being an artist? In this inspiring book, Cameron describes a process of constant renewal, of starting from the beginning. She writes, “When we are building a life from scratch, we must dig a little. We must be like that hen scratching beneath the soil. ‘What goodness is hidden here, just below the surface?’ we must ask.”

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